The International Steering Committee, recognising that it has successfully fulfilled its major task of selecting a site for the ICDMP has decided to end its mission as of November 19th 1999. The International Steering Committee has also decided to form a new International Scientific Committee for Dense Magnetised Plasmas (ISC DMP), constituted by the former members of the ISC. Present ISC membership (October 2014) is as follows:

  • Sunil Auluck, India, Chairman
  • Mohammed Akel, Syria
  • Ali Abdou, Egypt
  • Alain Bernard, France
  • Alexander Blagoev, Bulgaria
  • Horacio Bruzzone, Argentina
  • Igor Garkusha, Ukraine
  • Vladimir Gribkov, Russian Federation
  • Karel Kolacek, Czech Republic
  • Pavel Kubes, Czech Republic, Vice-chairman
  • Vyacheslav Krauz, Russian Federation
  • Paul Lee, Singapore
  • George Melikidze, Georgia
  • Marek Sadowski, Poland
  • Maurizio Samuelli, Italy
  • Hellmut Schmidt, Germany
  • Leopoldo Soto, Chile
  • C. S. Wong, Malaysia
  • Tonu Laas, Estonia
  • Guixin Zhang, China

The ISC DMP will accept upon requirement new membership of other interested countries.

The following Associate Members have been admitted in the 2017 meeting of the ISC-DMP

  • Seong Ling Yap (Malaysia)
  • Rajdeep Rawat (Singapore)
  • Eric Lerner (USA)
  • Marek Scholz (Poland)