The International Steering Committee, recognising that it has successfully fulfilled its major task of selecting a site for the ICDMP has decided to end its mission as of November 19th 1999. The International Steering Committee has also decided to form a new International Scientific Committee for Dense Magnetised Plasmas (ISC DMP), constituted by the former members of the ISC. Present ISC membership (October 2014) is as follows:

  • Sunil Auluck, India, Chairman
  • Mohammed Akel, Syria
  • Ali Abdou, Egypt
  • Alain Bernard, France
  • Alexander Blagoev, Bulgaria
  • Luis E. Bilbao, Argentina
  • Igor Garkusha, Ukraine
  • Karel Kolacek, Czech Republic
  • Pavel Kubes, Czech Republic, Vice-chairman
  • Vyacheslav Krauz, Russian Federation
  • Paul Lee, Singapore
  • Marek Sadowski, Poland
  • Maurizio Samuelli, Italy
  • Leopoldo Soto, Chile
  • Tonu Laas, Estonia
  • Guixin Zhang, China
  • Seong Ling Yap (Malaysia)

The ISC DMP will accept upon requirement new membership of other interested countries.

The following Associate Members have been admitted in the 2017 meeting of the ISC-DMP

  • Rajdeep Rawat (Singapore)
  • Eric Lerner (USA)
  • Marek Scholz (Poland)