A short history of the organizational effort phases can be summarized as follows:

  • from 1992 - proposals for the Center localization: Italy (Ferrara University), Poland (INS and IPPLM), China, Romania, Argentina
  • 1995 (in Prague) - initialed by UNESCO meeting and a resolution on ICDMP creation which was agreed by ICDMP Steering Committee (16 members) and representatives of 8 governments (Argentina, Czech Republic, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Poland and Spain).
  • 1995 (in Vienna) a strong support for the proposal of localizing ICDMP in Poland (in a protocol of Joint Meeting of UNESCO Physics Action Council and Scientific council of Central European Initiative)
  • 1997 (in Palaiseau) members for SC decided that the best place for ICDMP localization is IPPLM in Warsaw, because existing there large PF-1000 device and modern diagnostic apparatus and also buildings and infrastructure.
  • 1998 (in Warsaw) UNESCO Director General - dr. Federico Mayor visited plasma laboratories at IPPLM and accepted the proposal of the ICDMP localization
  • 24 August 1999 (in Warsaw) official agreement was signed by UNESCO Director General - Dr. Federico Mayor and prof. J. NiewodniczaƄski as a President of the Polish Atomic Energy Agency. This document was the starting point for ICDMP activities at IPPLM in Warsaw. Director of IPPLM organized a separate group of workers assigned to the ICDMP (ICDMP research team) and according to the UNESCO recommendations created a Foundation for the ICDMP Financial support, together with its Council and Board. At the same time an International Scientific Committee for Dense Magnetized Plasma (ISCDMP) was elected, representing scientists from 14 countries.

ICDMP could start quickly thanks to financial support from UNESCO and also from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Investigation.