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"School of Plasma Diagnostics and Technology"

Kudowa Zdroj, Poland, June 4-8, 2002

General Information

The International Centre for Dense Magnetised Plasmas (ICDMP) organized the Second International School of Plasma Diagnostics and Technology, which was held in Kudowa Zdroj, Poland, on June 4-8, 2002. The school was as a satellite meeting to the 20th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology, held in Prague, Czech Republic, on 10-13 June 2002. The school was designed for young scientists from various countries, and it concerned mainly pulsed-plasma experiments, diagnostics and technology. The presentations were disseminated after the school in the form of a CD-ROM.

Director of the School

Dr. Hellmut Schmidt International Center for Dense Magnetised Plasmas E-mail:

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The discussed topics are as follows:

  • High current plasma experiments.
  • Diagnostic techniques for Dense Magnetised Plasmas (DMP).
  • DMP as a source of ionizing radiation for various applications, e.g. medicine, biology, industry, etc.
  • Technological applications of plasmas.
  • Data acquisition systems, remote control and data processing.
  • Magnetized plasmas in space and Universe.

Invited Lectures

  • Prof. H -J. Kunze (Germany):
    • Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Tool
    • Laboratory Plasmas as Radiation Sources for the EUV and X-ray region
  • Prof. P. Chráska (Czech Republic) - Plasma technologies
  • Dr. J. Krása (Czech Republic) - Thermoluminescence dosimetry of soft X-ray emission from pulsed plasma source
  • Prof. P. Kubes (Czech Republic) - Diagnostics of plasma by pulse laser beam
  • K. Tomaszewski (Poland) - Application of the high - speed photography to the study of fast varying plasma
  • Dr. E. Składnik-Sadowska (Poland) - Diagnostic methods used for investigation of ions emitted from high-temperature plasmas
  • Prof. M. Sadowski (Poland) - Diagnostic techniques for studies of fast electrons emitted from high-temperature plasmas
  • Dr. H. Schmidt (Germany) - Neutron diagnostics of dense hot plasmas
  • Prof. Ü. Ugaste (Estonia) - Influence of dense plasma pulses on materials: material science problems.
  • Prof. G. Melikidze (Georgia) - Dense magnetized plasmas in pulsars magnetosphere
  • Prof. V. Gribkov (Russia) - Infrared plasma diagnostics
  • Dr. J. Langner (Poland) - Application of plasma techniques for coating of solid surfaces
  • Dr. V. Zoita (Romania) - Neutron diagnostics techniques and methods for dense magnetized plasmas


  • Bulgaria - 1
  • Czech Republic - 9
  • Egypt - 1
  • Estonia - 1
  • Georgia - 1
  • Germany - 1
  • India - 1
  • Iran - 3
  • Italy - 1
  • Kenya - 1
  • Poland - 12
  • Romania - 6
  • Russia - 2
  • Turkey - 1
  • Ukraine - 2