Annual Meeting of the International Scientific Committee on Dense Magnetized Plasmas in Online Format: Saturday, 27th November 2021

Proposed Agenda for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the ISC-DMP

Presentation by Pavel Kubes: "PF-1000 2020-2021"

Minutes of the Meeting

 Gribkov Memorial Sessions of the ICPSA 2021

ICPSA2021 Final Program

ICPSA2021 Abstract Booklet

Lee Sing : "The Plasma Focus- Pushing the Limits" 

Alireza Talebitaher: "Plasma Focus Device as Pulsed Neutron Source and Its Applications"

Stuart Victor Springham: "Neutron Energy and Anisotropy Measurements Using Zirconium-Beryllium Pair Activation Detectors "

Md. A. Malek: "Numerical Studies on the Effects of Atomic Number and Pressure of Filling Gases on Soft X Ray Yield in a Plasma Focus Device"

Rohit Medwal: "High Energy Ion Implantation for Designing New Spin Hall Materials"

Ali E Abdou: "Sealed Off Pulsed Neutron Generator and Their Applications"

 Mohamad Akel:  "Numerical Experiments on the Ion and Electron Beam in Plasma Focus

Marek Scholz: "Plasma-Focus Device at IFJ PAN Kraków: Status and Perspectives"

Tõnu Laas: "Impact of High-temperature Deuterium Plasma on Dual-phase Tungsten Alloys"

Mayank Mishra: "Helium Ion Induced Damage of High Energy Density Plasma Treated Tungsten"

S K H Auluck: "On the ICDMP BEAM-TARGET Mechanism for Fusion Reactions in the Plasma Focus"

 Pavel Kubes: "Experimental Study of Ordered Structures in Plasma Focus Fusion Plasma"

Rajdeep Singh Rawat: "Dense Plasma Focus for Material Processing"

Mahmoud Vahdat Roshan: "Ion Acceleration Parameter of the Plasma Focus"

Leopoldo Soto: "Miniaturized Plasma Foci Applied to Research in Matter at Extreme Conditions and to Aerospace Devices"

Eric J. Lerner: " Performance of Megampere DPF FF-2B with New Switches"

Alla Safronova: "Highlights of Spectroscopic, Imaging, and Polarization Studies at University-scale Z-pinch Generators"

 Cristian Arturo Pavez: "Dynamic Characteristics of A Low-energy Plasma Focus Discharge on A Regime of High Total Neutron Output"
 Maximiliano Salvador Zorondo: "Thomson Scattering Model for Z-pinch Plasma: Experimental Design for Implementation in Plasma Focus"

Sor Heoh Saw: " High Energy Density (HED) Conditions in Plasma Focus Operated in Krypton"

Joseph Vimal Vas: "Dense Plasma Focus Based Broad Energy Spectrum Ions for the Modulation of Magnetization Dynamics"

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty: "Study of Neutron and X-ray Emission from Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Device and Their Usage"