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"ICDMP Workshop and Expert Meeting On Dense Magnetised Plasmas"

Warsaw, Poland, 16-17 November 2009



P. Kubes, J. Kravarik, D. Klir, K . Rezac, M. Paduch, T.Piszarczyk, M. Scholz, I. Ivanova- Stanik, T. Chodukowski, L. Karpinski, M.J.Sadowski, K. Tomaszewski, E. Zielinska, Yu.L. Bakshaev, A.S. Chernenko, E.D. Kazakov, V.D. Korolev, S. Annaev, A.Zelenin and G.I. Ustroev, Study of D-D fusion reaction at Z-Pinch Devices in 2009

S. Springham, A. Telebitaher, M. Roshan, P. Shutler, R.S rawat, P. Lee, A. Tan, Coded aperture imaging in Plasma Focus device

K. Kolacek, J. Straus, J. Schmidt, V. Prukner, O. Frolov, J. Sobota, T. Fort, A. Shukurov, V. Holy, V. Hajkova, L. Juha, A.A. Rupasov, A.S. Shikanov, The first application of our Ar+8 capillary capillary laser

S.K.H. Auluck: Description of plasma focus current sheath as the Turner relaxed state of a Hall magnetofluid

E. Składnik-Sadowska, K. Czaus, K. Malinowski, M. J. Sadowski, J. Zewbrowski, L. Karpinski, M. Paduch, M. Scholz, P. Kubes, I. E. Garkusha, V. I. Tereshin, Recent measurements of ion- and electron-beams within PF-1000

W. Stępniewski, M. Scholz, B. Bienkowska, I. Ivanova-Stanik, R. Miklaszewski, M. J. Sadowski, K. Malinowski, Numerical simulation of Plasma Focus at IPPLM

S. Zając, J. Rzadkiewicz,O. Rosmej, T. Zhao, M. Scholz, M. Paduch, E. Zielinska, Analysis of argon X-ray spectra from PF-1000 device

S.M. Hassan, E.L. Clark, C. Petridis, M. Tatarakis, P. Lee, Investigation of the stream of particles from low currnet pinch plasma

V. I. Tereshin, I.E. Garkusha, V.V. Chebotaev, M.S. Ladygina, A.K. Marchenko, Yu.V. Petrov, D.G. Solyakov, D.V. Yeliseev, A. Hassanein, Investigations of dense magnetized Xe plasma generated by Magnetoplasma compressor

S. Jednorog, How sample’s geometry imfluents on neutrons measurability by means of activation technique

M. Scholz, Interferometric study of PF-1000 device

S. Barral, J. Kurzyna, J. Miedzik, State-of-art and future prospects of Hall accelerators

E. Chris Hagen, Dense Plasma Focus fusion neutron sources

A. E. Abdou, Hard X-ray emission from superthermal electrons in the HSX stellarator

S.L. Yap, Ch.S. Wong, Pulsed ion beam generation by Plasma Focus and non-focus discharges